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nayan tarase - Dev D (2009)  

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya | Music: Amit Trivedi | Singer(s): Amit Trivedi 
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nayan tarase nayan tarase daras naa mile nayan tarase nayan tarase nayan tarase zoro.n se bahe dhaar nayan tarase haare ye path nihaar nayan tarase tarase tarase re bisar gaye bisar gaye use -2 birahaa me.n jal jal pal ko gaye badal svaahaa svaahaa he he he he sunaharii ye din kaalii raat me.n gaye Dhal raamaa raamaa raamaa raamaa he saavan barase saavan barase tapish kii phuhaar saavan barase saavan barase saavan barase chubhan de hazaar saavan barase ho gaalii sii laage malhaar saavan barase, barase, barase re bisar gaye bisar gaye use ...
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