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naa dir diim ... naa jaa naa jaa balam balam mere naa - Pardesi (1957)  

Lyrics: Sardar Jafri, Prem Dhawan | Music: Anil Biswas | Singer(s): Lata, Balraj Sahni, female voice 
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The film is about a Russian traveler who visited India around % the 15th century and set up a trading post. It featured a % Russian actor, Oleg Strizhenov, as hero and Nargis, an % innocent village belle, as the heroine. Other key actors are % Balraj Sahni, a street singer who befriends him, and Padmini, % a dancer at the court of the sultan of Bidar (now the northern- % most tip of Karnataka). % The traveller, accompanied by Balraj Sahni, chances upon Padmini % at Ellora, where she has come to study the dance poses. She is % dancing to the lovely strains of a tillaana by a Karnatak music % singer (whose identity I couldn't determine). Toward the end % of the dance, Padmini notices the traveler and conveys a message % to him through dance _mudras_ and Balraj Sahni translates. tillaanaa : taa taa diim, taa naa dhii taa naa, nii dhii taa nii tuum taa dhaa nii, taa naa dhii taa naa % tillaanaa repeats two more times and after the third time % Balraj Sahni (b) starts narrating, as tillaana % completes and continues fourth time in the background b: ye hai lakShmii, biidar kii raajanartakii, in praachiin chitro.n se nRRityakalaa siikhane aa_ii hai % tillaana continues 5th to 11th time, Balraj Sahni starts narrating % again as tillaana starts for 12th and last time b: ye tum se kah rahii hai % tillaana completes for the last time and slow flute starts playing % in the background b: lo praNaam meraa paradesii, kaun des se aaye tum tumhaaraa aisaa goraa, jaise ho.n ha.nsan ke pa.Nkh nain tumhaare aise niile, jyuu.N gahare saagar kaa %chuckles and pauses for a second jab aa_o nagar hamaare, rakhanaa yaad, rakhanaa yaad mere ghar ke dar aur dvaar, khule rahe.nge terii Kaatir jaise su.ndar nain birahan ke, dekhe.n sadaa piyaa kii baaT % The foreigner does show up at Bidar eventually, but not before % falling in love with the charming village girl, a love that % will have to remain unrequited, as he realizes that the course % of her life is bound to be different. % The court dancer makes a pitch for him, but he is indifferent. % She makes a final try with this song. sajan sakaare jaaye.nge, nain mare.nge roy o vidhanaa aisii karo, ke bhor kabahu.N na hoy % beautiful sitar interlude naa dir diim, taa naa dere naa -2 naa jaa naa jaa balam, balam mere naa, naa dir diim, taa naa dere naa -2 (terii aag lagaa lii, tan me.n piyaa terii sej sajaa lii, mai.nne man me.n piyaa) -2 tere nain base nainan me.n piyaa kahii.n tuu hii mujhe nayan phere naa naa dir diim, taa naa dere naa -2 (tiikhii kajare kii dhaar piyaa tere liye mere solah si.ngaar piyaa tere liye) -2 baaje man kaa sitaar % small sitar piece baaje man kaa sitaar piyaa tere liye hu_e phir bhii to ham, balam tere naa naa dir diim, taa naa dere naa -2 naa jaa naa jaa balam, balam mere naa, naa dir diim, taa naa dere naa -2 But he does walk away. His heart is elsewhere.
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