merii jaan tumape sadaqe



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Fill In The Blanks [06]

merii jaan tumape sadaqe, ahasaan itanaa kar do

Contributed by Nita Awatramani

Note: The complete version of this song is now in the consolidated ISB. The original FITB article is retained here for archival purposes.

This is a tandem song from Saawan ki Ghata. The ISB has the Mahendra Kapoor version.

Film: Sawan ki Ghata (1966)
Singer: Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle (different versions)
Music: O. P. Nayyar
Lyrics: S. H. Bihari
ISB Contributor: C. S. Sudarshana Bhat

merii jaan tum pe sadaqe, ahasaan itanaa kar do
merii zindagii me.n apanii, chaahat kaa bhar do
merii jaan tum pe sadaqe ...

kisii chaa.Nd kii zaruurat
nahii.n merii zindagii ko
ki taras rahaa huu.N kab se
mai.n tumhaarii roshanii ko
mujhe roshanii dikhaa ke
ahasaan itanaa kar do, merii zindagii ...

yah tumhaarii zulf jisako
milii shoKiyaa.N ghaTaa kii
inhii.n baadalo.n ke niiche
merii har nazar hai pyaasii
merii pyaas tum bujhaa ke
ahasaan itanaa kar do, merii zindagii ...

I found the male version of this tandem song to be inferior to the female version. And at least in this specific case, the blame rests solely on the singer—Mahendra Kapoor. I am not anti-Mahendra Kapoor but it is true that most of his songs that I enjoy are his softer numbers. What I do detest is his tendency to shout at high pitches. That is primarily the difference between his singing and that of other singers.

His voice noticeably thickened by the time he sang songs in Upkar and Purab aur Pachhim. Listen to MKaps sing "badalii badalii duniyaa hai merii" and "aaj madhuvaataas Dole", and then listen to him sing "naa muu.Nh chhupaa ke jiyo" or "biite hue lamho.n ki kasak saath to hogii". He is not an incompetent singer, he is not besuraa but there were times when softness and gentler emotions were required in a song's rendition and he failed to deliver the goods. "merii jaan tum pe sadaqe" is probably a good example. Could the fact that Manoj Kumar was the hero have anything to do with the choice of singer? If the hero had been, say Biswajeet, would OPN have chosen some other singer? This is not to say that OPN has not used MKaps for other actors but it is a point to keep in mind. Whatever be the reason, on more than one occasion, in more than one song, he has failed to convey the feelings/emotions portrayed through the lyrics.

Asha's version, OTOH, is good, as is to be expected:

merii jaan tum pe sadaqe, ahasaan itanaa kar do
merii zindagii me.n apanii, chaahat kaa bhar do
merii jaan tum pe sadaqe ...

merii har Kushii adhuurii
meraa har si.ngaar phiikaa
binaa pyaar ke na bhaaye
mujhe chaa.Nd kaa bhii Tiikaa
mujhe pyaar se sajaa kar
ahasaan itanaa kar do, merii zindagii ...

mai.n havaa kaa ruK badal duu.N
mile pyaar jo tumhaaraa
jahaa.N Duub kar mai.n dekhuu.N
ho usii jagah kinaaraa
mujhe tum gale lagaake
ahasaan itanaa kar do, merii zindagii ...

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