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RMIM: All you need to know
This is the list of frequently asked questions and answers of the newsgroup rec.music.indian.misc (RMIM). Here you will find many pointers to music related information, sites and newsgroups. rec.music.indian.misc is an unmoderated group created for the discussion, promotion and exchange of ideas on all aspects of Indian music.

RMIM Article Archive
List of interesting articles related to Indian music, that have been archived from rec.music.indian.misc. Along with the articles it also includes a set of pictures. You can also search for specific articles in this archive.


Song Info Searches (Currently not working)
Here you can search for information on songs from a database of songs. Searches for songs can be made based on the song title, movie name, actors, singer, music director or lyricist of the song. Also available is a search for songs based on the classical raga on which they are based. The lyrics of songs can also be accessed from the song and movie searches. The lyrics of songs come from the Itrans Song Book (ISB) and also from the list of new songs yet to added to ISB.

Song Info Corrections (Currently not working)
Visit the site if you would like to make contributions to the database of song information by making corrections or sending additions.


RMIM Meet - 11: Sangam - RMIMeet West Coast 1999
"Following the recent success of the RMIMeet on the East Coast at Marlboro, NJ, we are pleased to announce the second meet of 1999. The West Coast RMIMeet, Sangam 99, will take place on Friday, September 24th and Saturday, September 25th, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The meet will be hosted by Neha Desai, Hrishi Dixit and Vish Krishnan." (Take a look at some of the earlier meets).

RJGK 52 quiz: tere sur aur mere geet (Bharat Vyas)
Attemp the 52nd edition of the RJGK quiz, dedicated to Bharat Vyas. The title of the quiz is "tere sur aur mere geet." It is conducted by Ashok Dhareshwar. The last date to send your entries is Aug 31st '99.

Tasveer aur Tasavvur - 5
The fifth edition of the non-competitive quiz conducted by Swaraj Mishra in which you have to come up with appropriate lines from any film song to describe the picture given.

RMIM Meet - 10: RMIMeet East Coast 1999 at New Jersey
Plan to have a fun-filled weekend with other RMIMers at the RMIMeet at New Jersey organized by the Chetan Vinchhi. The meet will be held on Saturday, July 17th, 1999, at Marlboro, New Jersey, with an informal gathering on the evening of Friday, July 16th. (Take a look at some of the earlier meets)

RJGK 51 quiz: Do Sitaare! (Answers and Results)
Results of the two part quiz on Shamshad Begum and Suraiya jointly conducted by Neha Desai and Kalyan Kolachala.

Treasure Hunt - 2 (Talat Mahmood)
This is the second edition of Treasure Hunt series started by Swaraj Mishra. You definitely need all your Hindi film music knowledge as well as your browsing skills to crack this one! Send your answers to Swaraj before May 5th 99.

RMIM Samaaroh '98 - Reports
Read the reports of the recently concluded RMIM meet, this time organized by the West Coast RMIMers. The meet was held on Saturday, November 7th, 1998, at Sunnyvale, CA, with an informal gathering on the evening of Friday, November 6th.

Abhi To Main Jawan Hun
Browse through all articles presented in the regular series "Abhi To Main Jawan Hun" by Snehal B. Oza. He discusses one song from an pre-60s Hindi movie in each article. The series is continued now by Hrishikesh Dixit.

Earlier RJGK Quizzes
Here are some of the earlier RJGK quizzes that have been featured in this page. You will see the questions and the results of RJGKs starting from RJGK#32.

Music-Related Links
Here you will see a wealth of ftp and web sites related to Indian music - Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Bengali and Kannada song & music pages, Bhangra pages, CD Stores, Indian Classical Music pages and much more. This is part of the RMIM FAQ.

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